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Kathy, I know we took a lot of your time so I wanted to be sure to thank you for your patience. You never made us feel rushed and you helped us understand the terms of the rent-to-own. We're so happy that we'll own a home -- we never thought we could! --Chris

Kathy, Just as we were getting settled in, my job took us away. Thank you for the opportunity to live in "our" home. It was such a pleasure doing business with someone who genuinely cares about people. If we ever come back, we'll definitely be in touch! --Jason

We are SO excited to be able to own our own home!! Your sincere desire to help folks like us achieve our dreams is so obvious. Thanks Kathy! --J & J

Thanks, Kathy, for being so considerate of our comfort. --Jen

Kathy, Thanks for providing my new wife and I our first home. And thank you also for providing us our 2nd, bigger home when our new little one arrived! --Andrew

...we want to thank you for being so prompt, you are on top of your game....we want to thank you for your enormous amount of generosity. We appreciate how you have gone above and beyond for us. --Charissa & Grace

If I ever make it back to this area I will be in contact for a place to stay. --Gene

My stay here has been good and wish it could have lasted longer... You have been a wonderful landlord... --Gene

I've loved living here -- Thank you so much! --Chuck

I certainly am glad you were able to get the house rented so quickly. Hope they enjoy it as much as [my son] and I have. Thanks again. --Ron

I still can not say enough good about you. You had the perfect answer when we needed it, and we have not let you down and will not. --Maxine

I am glad I found your website. I have showed it to everyone here. I have told everyone, if you want to move this way, make sure you get ahold of Kathy first! See you soon! --Carol

I have told several people about your program, they have been looking at your web site and what homes you have to offer. --Maxine

Kathy, Thank you for everything. The world needs more people like you! --Michael

I just wanted to thank you again for taking a chance on us, we are elated to have a second chance, to own a home. I feel that your program is a great opportunity and I am not shy about telling people about it, talk to you later. --Maxine

Kathy, Thanks for letting us know about the house, I know how much we love the house. The house has just what I and lenny was looking for in a home to spend the rest of our life in. --Maxine

You are simply the best! I can't wait till you get more properties so I can tell all my friends. --John

We thank you for letting us live here. It's been a nice place. --Jenny

Thanks for everything, we so much appreciated it! --Tami & Steve

Thanks for everything. The new water heater's working great! --Joanne

Thanks for everything. Your papers [rent-to-own] were the best Christmas present Mark and I could have hoped for. --Joanne

We have truly enjoyed the opportunity to live here, we truly felt like it was our home. Thanks again. --Christine & Tracy

Thank you for everything and if we know anyone looking to rent a house we will definitely send them your way! --Christine

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and prompt attention to our need. We truly appreciated it. --John & Lena

Kathy- I'm having fun! What a cute house! --Robin

Kathy- I am really enjoying the house. I would like you to stop by sometime. --Robin

It is with great regret that I must end our lease. I have enjoyed the house. I started to make it my own. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to rent from you. --Robin

Thank you for your time, and I enjoyed my time at your property. --Michelle

I would like to take the time to thank you for everything you have done. --Shawn

Kathy, Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmans and a great Holiday season. --Ali

Thanks for your patience with me. --Ali

Just a quick note to again thank you for all your help this year. --Jennifer

Thanks for allowing us to be here as long as we were, it's greatly appreciated. --Brian

We have enjoyed our time here, and appreciate your efforts as our landlord. --Jennifer & Derek

Kathy, Thank you very much! --Peggy

Thanks so much for being such an attentive landlord. It seems that's rare these days. --Mark

Kathy, I wanted to thank you for making me so comfortable in my home. You really take the time to be sure things are, like you said to me, the way you'd expect if you were the tenant. --Frank

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